About us

Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» is one of the oldest and most widely-known milk producers in the republic of Belarus. Dairy products to fit every taste and for all consumer groups are manufactured here.

Since 2004 the production of the Company has been released under the trademark «Zdravushka». More than 145 items constitute the Company's product range. The highest quality level of our products is proved by the constantly expanding sales geography on the local market, as well as the growing volume of sales in the Russian Federation. Our performance has been recognized by numerous diplomas, medals, and rewards, presented to the Company for the participation in exhibitions and contests.

At present Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» is a contemporary production enterprise, fitted with the high-technology equipment of the leading European companies, and complying with all the standards and regulations.

«Zdravushka-milk» Presentation Video

«Zdravushka-milk» presentation video «Feel the Taste of the Healthy!» is the calling card of the Company. In just 12 minutes we will tell you the story of the Company, show the product range, and explain why we are the best choice on the milk market!

We are looking for regional representatives in the Republic of Belarus.

The Company «Zdravushka-Milk» is looking for regional representatives in the Republic of Belarus. Contacttelephonenumber:+375 (29) 383-81-78.