Environmental policy

Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» considers the ecological safety and environmental protection to be an integral part of its activities and one of its strategic priorities.

The goal of the environmental management policy is to minimize the negative impact of the Company's production activities on the environment.

To achieve the above-mentioned goal, the Company's management assumes the following obligations:

  • - improvement of the quality of the environment through systematic work to reduce the pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, the amount of wastewater pollution and minimize the industrial waste;
  • - compliance of the production activities with the requirements of the environmental legislation, and timely response to its change;
  • - introduction of the technologies ensuring the cost-efficient use of raw materials, materials and energy resources;
  • - introduction of organizational and technical measures aimed at reducing wastewater pollution;
  • - commitment to waste generation reduction;
  • - personnel training aimed at the promotion of environmental awareness and responsibility;
  • - continuous improvement of the environmental management system;
  • - maintaining an active dialogue with the concerned parties and the public on the ecological safety issues.