History of the Company

«Zdravushka-milk» presentation video «Feel the Taste of the Healthy!» is the calling card of the Company. In just 12 minutes we will tell you the story of the Company, show the product range, and explain why we are the best choice on the milk market!

Pleasant viewing!

Ощути Вкус полезного молока!

Would you please be acquainted with Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» - one of the oldest and most widely-known manufacturers of natural milk products in the republic of Belarus. The whole team of the Company headed by Director General Vladimir Mikhailovich Lapitsky is justified in finding solutions for the prospective development of the enterprise. Qualified expert personnel having vast experience in milk production, and constantly developing their proficiency, work for the Company.

We systematically expand the range of dairy products, enriched with wholesome natural nutritional supplements contributing to health promotion of the consumers. The slogan of our Company «Feel the taste of the healthy!» is of real value.

At present Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» produces more than 145 items of milk products. The output product assortment is impressive: pasteurized and sterilized drinking milk, kefir and biokefir, curds, curd dessert pastes and snacks, chocolate glazed curd bars, milk shakes and fermented milk drinks, yoghurts and bio yoghurts, butter, cheeses, powdered skim milk and casein. All the above-mentioned variety of milk is produced with love in convenient state-of-the-industry package.

It's a common knowledge that health is the most important thing in our lives. And the topic of healthy food has become of great interest recently. In particular, the tendency of consuming milk products enriched with lactic-acid bacteria, probiotics and fructose. They are sugar-free, colourant- and preservative-free. Taking care of your health «Zdravushka» has created the line of low-fat (1.0-1.5 per cent) bio yoghurts «Bio Trio» enriched with various nutritional supplements and prebiotics complex «Immulin».

Only natural raw material is used in the production. The work to expand the range of products, and improve the quality of products is carried on all the time. The focused efforts are aimed at the production modernization, and the renewal of the processing equipment. Due to one of the lines' modernization, the production of chocolate glazed curd bars in polypropylene package has been started. The product range is being expanded as well: in addition to the traditional well-loved glazed curd bars with vanilla, cocoa, caramelized milk, caramel, red currant, strawberry-vanilla, fudge nuggets, the production of chocolate glazed curd bars with raspberry filling and chocolate glazed curd bars with cocoa and «CremaColada» filling.

Here are some of our products: the fermented milk drink «Yommy» with fruit (peach - cereal, strawberry - muesli and bilberry, pear - vanilla, pineapple - mango, apricot - raspberry, forest berry) with 0.5 % fat content, and the yoghurt with fruit filling «bilberry», enriched with calcium, which is a major component in human bone tissue building up. The choice of fruit fillings is not occasional - it is not just delicious, it is also healthy! The drink is produced in a convenient package - PET bottle 0.43kg with bright colourful design.

In order to attract additional core audience to bio yoghurts «Bio Trio», Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» together with football club «BATE» decided to use the logo of this famous club to promote healthy nutrition among the football lovers.

We hope sincerely that our products will suit all tastes, and will be in high-demand by you - our buyers. Our expert personnel make every effort to produce healthy and delicious dairy products of high quality.