Policy in the field of quality

«The consumer is the main source of a Company's profit»

«We associate our prosperity with the health and prosperity of all the people we work for»

«Quality comes first. Increasing customer satisfaction, and producing high-quality, competitive and safe products to justify and exceed consumer expectations - these are the Company's number one priorities.»

The main objectives of our Company

The main objectives of Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» are as follows:

  • the production of safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly products that meet the legal requirements and consumers demand;
  • ensuring the Company's production competitiveness, allowing it to occupy a leading position, both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Quality is an indispensable prerequisite to our success. Quality issues are of great current interest not only within the production cycle, but also within the scope of the development and marketing process.

We are open to communication and information exchange with suppliers and this is a proof of our transparency. We are liable towards our partners and customers, and honesty in all areas is a key link to the trust of our consumers and the successful business of our Company.

The top management and employees of Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» in their activities take into account the needs and expectations of all concerned parties, including: our consumers, shareholders, personnel, suppliers, authorities and the Company as a whole.

We strive to ensure that our customers believe Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» to be the best milk producer.

Our Recipe for Success

An enterprise is a mechanism supported and fed by the energy of the people who work for it. Our employees are the key to our success. Their knowledge, potential and desire to achieve the best results are the most important criteria for any of our positions. We create a system of dynamically interacting processes which contributes to the growth of the effectiveness and efficiency of our company's activities, through the involvement of personnel in management, giving them confidence and delegating authority. We ensure the growth of the employees' expertise by means of upgrade trainings, the improvement of intra-production relations and labour management.

We aspire to be an absolute leader, producing dairy products, worthy of the highest confidence from our consumers and partners.

The main factors of the quality assessment are the real facts and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring consistent high quality of the milk products is based on the technological processes improvement, introduction of new modern technologies, and modernization of the existing equipment.

The top management of Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» is charged with providing the necessary resources to implement the quality policy and encourages every employee to take an active part in the above-said implementation.