Trademark «Zdravushka»

Since 2004 all the production of the Company has been released under the brand name «Zdravushka».

The points of departure for the new brand positioning are the following: «Zdravushka» represents natural, healthy, and exceptionally tasty milk products for reasonable prices.

The slogan of the brand: «Feel the taste of the healthy!»

Our core audience is ordinary middle class people, who live in Minsk and Minsk region, as well as in other regions of the Republic of Belarus, predominantly women who traditionally more frequently buy milk products for the whole family.

The whole range of products of the Company is combined under four brands:

Our sales channels are the following:

  • wholesale distribution warehouses in Ukraine, Russian Federation;
  • our own retail network: 6 itinerant trade outputs;
  • direct В2В sales from the office.

Healthy Nutrition

Today we stand for healthy nutrition, and that is why we can offer our buyers fermented milk drinks: it's alive-culture drinking yogurt in a convenient plastic package (PET bottle). It contains live yoghurt cultures, which are useful for the body, they are the source of youth, beauty and health, as well as the recovery of intestinal microflora for immunocompromised people.

We produce 7 products with double flavors under the brand name «Yommi»: «Peach-cereals», «Strawberry-muesli», «Grusha-vanilla», «Malina-apricot», «Mango-pineapple», «Forest berry», «Prunes-cereals», and 3 monoflavored drinks: «Strawberries», «Blueberries», «Green Apple». This yogurt is also noteworthy because it is low-fat (fat content 0.5%). This type of product is suitable for people who keep fit and watch their weight. The yogurt with fruit filling «bilberry» (fat content 1%) is enriched with calcium, which is an important component for strengthening the human bone tissue.

Company Reorganization

On May 22, 2009, Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» was reorganized through the takeover of OAO «Kholopenichsky Maslodelno-syrodelny Zavod». At this stage, the branch has established the production of hard cheeses in an assortment of 16 items, 4 types of processed cheeses, and also weight butter.

Open JSC «Zdravushka-Milk» was registered on October 5, 2012 as a result of the reorganization of OAO «Borisovsky Molochny Kombinat» by merging OAO «Berezinsky Syrodelny Zavod».

The main specialization of the branch is the production of hard rennet cheeses with different fat content and maturity: «Gollandsky», «Gollandsky-premium», «Bukovinsky», «Edamer-premium», «Royal Young¹, «Mramorny», «Slivochny», «Berezinsky», «Slivochny-bio», «Monarch», «Parmesan deLuxe», etc.